I am the girl who is running this show.  your new best friend, day-of Maid of Honor, and definitely the best third-wheel you've ever had!
Im here to capture the moments you want to remember. Turning awkward into "omg thats us". Your session with me is so much more than just a photoshoot. Its an experience, a memory, & one hell of a good time!

Just think of it as a fun date with your best friend.

I cant wait to meet you! Im a hugger (when safe to do so.) 

I'm breonna but most call me bre  

Photography is everything to me. My career is everything to me. you're everything to me.This is my full time job which i happily do 24/7 and love every minute of it. I was made to be a wedding photographer, the fast pace, on your toes thinking is what makes this job so much fun. I am not afraid to help direct your family, pose you and your friends or remind you where to put your hands. I will constantly remind you that its okay to not be a pro at getting married, thats what your vendor team is for. I want to help my clients as much or as little as you need.  Im truly here for you! 

im a true crime junkie whose surviving on Coffee 



im a military wife

I met my now husband on tinder. He was coming home from his first deployment in iraq and i was going off to college for photography. Fast forward 6 years and we now have a little farm in Rochester, Nh that sits on 15 acres with our two doggos and our son Zander. 

im A MOM

My son is my world. Being a mom is easily the best thing that has ever happened to me. Zander was born on April 22, 2022 

i'm an aspiring farmer

with 25 chickens, 3 dwarf goats and 2 big dogs & occasional pigs running around i have my hands full.  


My future goal is to own my own wedding venue. Where i can expand my farm and organize beautiful wedding days everday. I picture a place that takes your mind off reality, somewhere that feels like home to anyone who enters. 


If your looking for a photog who is going to be a fly on the wall and capture your day from a distance, i am not your photographer . i will help keep you on time, organize your family, and am not afraid to speak up in order to keep your day going as smooth as possible. Read my reviews to hear from real brides. 

why choose me



I know there are lots of photographers in the world. Thats a fact I don't take for granted. But here's what I can bring to you. I promise to value you and your day. You will never be “just another bride” to me. I adore my couples and value the love they share. I'm here to tell your love story! I will make this process fun, simple, and straight-forward! 

 ive been in your shoes 



My biggest flex is that my couples will constantly tell you that after meeting me  they felt like i was a long lost friend. This portion is an overlooked importance. Your photographer is the one person who is going to spend the most time with you on the day you've been dreaming of your whole life. Have that person be someone you like to be around! 

im fun, and here for you 



You will never just be another bride or couple to me!
This is my only source of income! I do this everyday and am blessed to be able to! DREAM JOBS DO EXIST.

At the start of every season I buy all new gear. Now I'm not saying that what you shoot with is what makes or breaks the photo however, having the best gear with me sure does help!

im dedicated & invested 



I have endless resources & ideas. With 5 full years under my belt, I can help with everything from how to design the best timeline, what I have seen work best, a long list of preferred vendors and honest girl advice.  I am here to help you, as much or as little as you need.

 My job is to help make your day go seamless while capturing it all!

im here to help



I know I know, we all love Pinterest! But the best photos are going to come from the truth behind your day! Like the way your future husband looks at you for the first time, or the tears that roll down your mom's face as your dad walks you down the aisle, these are the real moments. I will help pose you through every step of the way while letting the day unfold naturally.

im real and honest